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Vote for Evolution of Man

A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short! Most of you know I entered into a contest sponsored by GeorgiaNY and #TeamBeauty to win my own product line. To be totally honest, I never really expected to make it this far because when they used the term “beauty product” I didn’t think my grooming [...]

Not too late to give the gift of stache

In tribute to last week’s Movember blog, I had to post this (although we’re officially Dealcember):

Been needing an excuse to grow your facial hair?

Have you seen more facial hair on men lately? Well, it’s probably not laziness, he’s probably participating in the annual mustache growing month that takes place each November, known as “Movember”. Movember is an increasingly popular charity event held each year where men grow their facial hair (typically a moustache) to raise money to “change [...]

On Trejo’s grooming and skincare in Machete

Machete opens today, September 3rd 2010. Tuesday, I was presented with the opportunity to see a screening of the new movie Machete. I had no clue it would inspire me to blog about grooming, but a few things about Danny Trejo inspired me to blog. Not only was it his graduation to an action star, but his commendable lifestyle turn-around was all worth the second “skinema” blog.

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