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Socializing in the Media – sites

With this economy, things were really slow in the past year. But now….New Year! New Money! New jobs! This year has been starting off well. I have met several meaningful people and had wonderful opportunities. Starting off the year, I wrapped a movie (an Indie Film) in January, which I hope to share more information [...]

The New Decade

It has been quite some time since I have blogged. There was some difficulty with the system, and my frustration got the best of me. I even started a whole new blogsite at Currently, I’ve been focused on the skincare side of things, but the site will be a focus of both skincare and [...]

Oh Sheila

I have just wrapped up a stressful two weeks, and I need to blog about it…. Although quite worn out, I did have a good time. Outside of the second year putting on a fashion camp that I implemented last year with the YMCA, I have been on set doing makeup for a movie called [...]

The Misunderstood Makeup Artist

“I am an artist, and I’m sensitive about my @#$#” – A quote from Erykah Badu Let’s discuss…. One must first understand that Makeup Artistry is just that…ART. And everyone will not appreciate or see the art in your work…everyone has their own view of what type of artwork they like. A makeup artist is [...]

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