On Trejo’s grooming and skincare in Machete

Machete opens today, September 3rd 2010. Tuesday, I was presented with the opportunity to see a screening of the new movie Machete. I had no clue it would inspire me to blog about grooming, but a few things about Danny Trejo inspired me to blog. Not only was it his graduation to an action star, but his commendable lifestyle turn-around was all worth the second “skinema” blog.

Machete was originally on the small screen in 2006 by Roman Hernandez Cordova and Pablo Esparza. Slightly altered for 2010, this movie is about an ex-Mexican federal agent (federalie) who loses his family after a shake-down by fellow corupt cops, and moves across the border and into the US (Texas), in hopes of starting his life anew. But things do not work out for him as he may want. He struggles to get a job, as an undocumented worker in Austin, Texas. Forced to make money to survive, he engages in a “hands-off” battle where he is spotted by a a corrupt politician who hires him as a killer and is later betrayed by the organization who hired him. This movie has a surprisingly intriguing lineup including: Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal, Cheech Marin (Cheech and Chong), Don Johnson (Miami Vice), and Jessica Alba.

Robert Rodriguez, a long time film partner of Quentin Tarantino,and also known for El Mariachi and it’s sequel Desperado, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and From Dusk Til Dawn. The two have paired up on several films, including Four Rooms, Sin City, Grindhouse, and From Dusk til Dawn. The similar styles of these two cronies are displayed in Machete – displaying hardcore blood and gore in a grimy way (and sometimes with a twist of horror) which can sometimes encourage audience laughter .

Rodriguez seems to know what he likes because his team is consistent. Rodriguez’s Makeup department head Ermahn Ospina, (From Dusk til Dawn, Sin City, Desperado, Predators, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico) paired up with hair stylist Charles Yusko (Friday Night Lights) and Special Effects artist Meredith Johns may have had an easy job creating the “grimy” look for the leading man due to his skin’s appearance.

Danny Trejo, with his severe facial acne scars and extensive tattoos seems to have type-cast him since most complexion problems are used to display the cinematic criminal in Hollywood. With his “leathered” skin, my thought is that his scarring is a result of severe acne in his past, and the possibility of undergoing some sort of treatment to reduce or get rid of the cysts and pustules, also known as cystic acne. To reduce the facial scarring, there are limited options. Consider laser sessions with a certified technician or board certified physician. Another option could be microdermabrasion, however as with most skins of color you must be cautious of the sensitivities to hyper-pigmentation. Howerver, I doubt at this stage life, he is looking to make a drastic change, and anyway, this look can work for him as it’s almost a natural special effect for the roles in which he is cast.

All-in-all, skin issues or not, this knife-welding machete still looks good to be 66, a past drug-addict and criminal. He has finally gotten his front and center lead role. Is this our first Latino superhero? LOL.

I cannot end this blog without discussing my other two motivators – the importance of sunblock being the first up. There have been many roles of Trejo showing off his “bad-boy” tattoos, but I couldn’t help but notice (with his shirt open, displaying his chest tattoo) the amount of sun his skin has seen. His skin appears to be going in the direction of his face, displaying a “leathered” texture. As with any skin, it is just as important for people with skin of color to wear sunblock. As discussed before, skins of color is more prone to hyper-pigmentation and can be avoided by the use of sunblock. Although blessed with a natural genetic ability to protect ourselves from sun (melanin), it is just as important to protect skins of color from the harmful UVA rays that are said to damage your collagen (thus accelerating the rate of skin aging) and even cause cancer; as well as protect skins of color from harmful UVB rays that can damage the DNA and cause skin burn as well as DNA mutations, leading to cancer. Read more on SPF importance here.

Finally, I was totally surprised when Trejo lifted his arm as if to display victory, while also displaying a bare underarm. Trejo’s underarm skin appeared too smooth to have been shaved, it looked to me as if he waxed his underarms. I must end by asking, how many men do you know get waxed – whether it’s underarms, chest or back? And what is your opinion on this stage of male grooming?

Check out these smooth underarms (below). And waxing the beard? Hmmm….Well, I’ve been wanting to do this for some time, just have never had a willing participant. AND I love this superman chest-wax. Doesn’t that just display his accomplishment of being a superhero just for experiencing the chest-waxing? (although waxing should NOT be ridiculously painful – if it is – it’s not being done right).

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