The Misunderstood Makeup Artist

“I am an artist, and I’m sensitive about my @#$#” – A quote from Erykah Badu

Let’s discuss….

One must first understand that Makeup Artistry is just that…ART. And everyone will not appreciate or see the art in your work…everyone has their own view of what type of artwork they like. A makeup artist is an artist and therefore must not take offense to someone who does not like their ‘artwork’! In this industry, there are many people who love to put you down and the further you go up on the ladder, the worse it gets. You must keep yourself up because no one else will! Over my seven years, I have grown a lot and I see my growth as well as growth potential. I have learned that there are certain things that people want to see in the different fields of makeup. In the beginning, I thought it was all about before and afters and showing how beautiful you made that person look! This generally is not the case. (Unless it’s a bride, the typical person does not even care about the dramatic change you made.)

In the beginning, my work went unappreciated and I could not even work with some of the industry ‘greats’ that I wanted to work with. I let it get me down (I have a couple of people to thank for that!), but I kept studying every person’s face that I saw…on tv….online….in the streets. I still continue to analyze each person’s makeup application with the possibility of trying it on someone I see fit. As I continue to learn in this industry I take every moment day by day and try to just enjoy my art. I never thought I would get so much joy out of makeup (as my first love is and will always be skin care), but I am still able to get that joy of giving that person ‘perfect looking skin’ with the correct application of foundation.

To this day, I still have some professionals out there who have yet to give me a chance, but I say to them….watch out because once you get me in your doors….you won’t look back! (smile)

So to all of my makeup friends out there…take it slow even if you are to perfect the basics until you get it right! And don’t let anyone discourage you if you really have a passion for what you are doing!

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