Like Prince Akeem I use Juices & Berries in my hair

I don’t typically discuss hair, but I’ve been feeling the need only because people ask me all the time what I use in my hair. I even get approached by barbers who want to cut my hair all the time, and they even ask me (outside of who cuts my hair), what I use in my hair. My answer is always the same – it depends on the week and what’s in my cabinet. I’m sorry, but I haven’t found anything that I’m crazy over and that I just HAVE to have in my hair….until NOW!

I ordered Oyin’s Juices and Berries off of the Curlmart website months ago and used it every now and again. I did notice a difference, depending on what I paired it with, and even recieved compliments from people who don’t see me every day (shout out to Keith @Carmine’s! LOL) Nevertheless, it wasn’t until I went a month without my Juices and Berries, that I realized that I’d finally found a product that I live by! Anyone who knows me knows it takes a LOT to impress me (all around). So, with that said, I need Oyin to create a monthly or bi-monthly distribution program (smile).

All jokes aside, I went to the actual store this past weekend and decided to try another product, that I must admit to being satisfied with. My daily hair ritual (when I was getting crazy compliments) was to spray with the Juices and Berries and then use a “quarter-size” of the Ouidad “Heat & Humidity Gel” and go – quick and easy. (Thanks for the formal introduction by @RuquaiyahN) Wham! Bam! Thank you ma’am! BUT, here we go again, lol. Now with this new trial, i’m pairing the juices and berries and the NEW! hair dew. (I wish I had a then and now to share). Here’s a picture of me with my new pairing(Even though this shows me as i’m WAAAY overdue for a haircut – gotta holla @MarvTheBarb ASAP):

So now when the barber asks me what I use in my hair, I can honestly answer, like Prince Akeem – it’s Juices and Berries!

So after many product trials and tribulations, especially my most recent – where I thought I was in love with Kinky Curly until I realized that was what was breaking out my forehead – I’ve found one that I will recommend and be able to answer to when asked what do I use in my hair. Not only do I love the smell of the products, but it keeps my hair shiny and doesn’t attract tons of gunk. Nor does it drip onto my forehead (if it is, it’s not clogging my pores) to cause me to break out. I love an all-natural, lightweight product that will keep my hair looking healthy and even moreso, just enhance or define my curls rather than make them look stringy like I sprayed Soul Glow.

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