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A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short!

Most of you know I entered into a contest sponsored by GeorgiaNY and #TeamBeauty to win my own product line. To be totally honest, I never really expected to make it this far because when they used the term “beauty product” I didn’t think my grooming line (for men) would qualify as a beauty product. Nevertheless, I pulled all my resources together in like 5 days to get this commercial/video together to submit into the contest. A couple of weeks ago I received an email that I was one of the 5 finalists! YIPPIE! My eyes grew big and it was on. I immediately began thinking of who would vote for me and how to get the most votes. Well here we are in the final two days of the contest, and I’m in third place. I even went as far as to reach out to a couple of radio personalities to try to pull some strings (no promises from them, but didn’t want to go down without saying I tried my best). All in all, this has shown me that I have such supportive friends (online and offline) and associates who will do what it takes to look out for a fellow entrepreneur or friend. I truly appreciate the people in my life and no matter how the contest ends, this will not be the last you hear of Evolution of Man!

In the meantime, like I said we have two more days to get the ball rolling. So without further or do, here is the commercial/video. Here’s the link to vote, please pass it on:

#TeamBeauty Finalist (@EvolutionofMan)

To vote, you must go to the video on youtube and give it a thumbs up (right below the video) however you must be signed in to vote.

Shout out to Ryan Richmond (Streamline Filmworks) – Cinematographer, Director, Editor

Shout out to Sharon Malachi for the idea and supporting and encouraging me (and opening up her home)

Shout out to all my actors (LOL) for coming through at the last minute.

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