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With this economy, things were really slow in the past year. But now….New Year! New Money! New jobs!

This year has been starting off well. I have met several meaningful people and had wonderful opportunities. Starting off the year, I wrapped a movie (an Indie Film) in January, which I hope to share more information about soon (Twitter from Heaven). Everyone on this set was so amazing. Thank you Beverly Lindsay-Johnson for the wonderful opportunity!

Not long after wrapping the movie, and starting off my winter wonderland, I was honored to do makeup for The Grooming Lounge for their marketing ads to be released to several national magazines as well as video for the web. That was the day of our first winter wonderland. Just as I arrived to the set at 8:00am, the snow began falling. By the time we wrapped, there was enough snow on the ground to send a truck into the ditch and cause me to have an hour and a half ride home (which should have generally taken 20 to 30 minutes). Thanks for the experience Leslie! ;-) All of your models were very professional, also!

Just today, I met a fantastic up-and-coming tv personality – Charlotte Burley and did makeup for her for her first show in DC which premiered tonight! Stay tuned for her one-on-one interviews with various celebrities…more information to come. I also participated in the Blogalicious DC Meetup Event this evening – which is ultimately what is inspiring me to write this blog.

I WILL get better….but for now I am turning in.

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