Beat the heat with IC Faces makeup tips

It has been one HOT summer! With one hundred degree weather back to back, I can definitely say I understand if you are second-guessing wearing your flawless face. Summer is NOT the time to wear heavy makeup! Not only will it melt off of your face, but your pores will be trying to breath more intensely through the heat and this layer of makeup. You will definitely be a site to watch! Therefore, I’m going to share some simple tips to easy summer makeup. (Please feel free to add your own tips):

*First things first, you want to start off with your sunscreen
*Summer is an awesome time to wear your bronzer. You can get away with that sun-tanned look as if you really went to St. Barts for two weeks! (This can be tricky for those with large pores or aging skin so be careful). You can also opt for a sheer foundation such as the Makeup Forever Face & Body (which I love because it’s sheer and smells like baby powder). You can opt for a tinted moisturizer, or (as recommended by KJ Bennett) Mix just a little loose minerals with oil-free moisturizer – Ta-dah…tinted oil-free “mineral” moisturizer.
*For the cheeks, you can use a stain. Please don’t use cream, especially if everything else on your face is not as heavy! Powdered blush MAY be okay, but it may be gone just as soon as you make it down the block. A gel is a good option as well.
*If you decide to put shadow on, make sure you use a eyeshadow primer such as the popular urban decay “Potion”.
*Lastly, finish off with a neat gloss and POOF!

I can’t leave without stating something I heard on a shoot the other day. I pulled out my translucent pressed powder to touch up my client and (as most women of color do, she hesitated – I explained that it does not come off white). Nevertheless, the stylist mentioned that she uses baby powder to brush off the shine. I thought and thought and thought….is this similar to my TRANSLUCENT/COLORLESS powder? I was very intrigued at her comment, but more or less weary of the look it would produce. I sat and thought of the ingredients: talc or cornstarch, zinc oxide. WELL, I definately would not use if taking photos or video in HD because the zinc oxide is a reflectant. I’m still weary all around, so if you have comments on this, please share.

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  2. Remember at any age understatement is the rule of fine makeup.

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